08 June 2009

night@ the museum

The final test examination is already over and today the remedial test begins. Well,thank god that today i didnt have any remedials,so i went to the cinema with my friends,beby and nanaz.

We watched night at the museum 2.I know,it's a little bit kinda late to watch that movie now,but couple weeks ago I had been busy because i had to prepare for the test and bla bla bla.Now,the test is over so FINALLY i could watch this movie.

The movie is soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome,funny like hell. i was laughing my head's off.hahaha..still hilarious as the old one..i just love ben stiller :)


-my lil sis' t shirt (pull and bear)

-my mom's skinny jeans (gaudi)

-pink canvas shoes (airwalk)

-green headband (itc kuningan)

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