02 January 2010


(this post is posted on 31st January,but it has been the my draft since 2nd January)

sorry guys for not updating this blog for years! hehe.. My school and courses routinies has been keeping me busy, i even couldnt get time to write a post,or even if i had,i was too exhausted. I think i won't be able to write posts as often as i have been for few weeks ahead..for the upcoming march and april i'm going to have national examination and SIMAK UI,so i must study hard from now on! Wish me luck guys! :)

Anyway,i have a new obsession,they are SUPER JUNI-OR! lol..i spent almost everyday on youtube for my past holiday to watch their videos :)

My favourite member is Hee chul..Maybe some people would find it strange,because he really looks like a girl and he is kinda weird,but that's why i love him! His weird attitude is SOOOOO FUNNY! you should watch some videos of him and i bet you will love him as much as i do hehe :)

Recently he's starring a video music to TRAX'S song,Cold Hearted Man.The song as well as the mv is really heartbreaking but also addictive at the same time. I can't stop watching this video,because Hee chul is so damn gorgeous heree!! waaaaaa i love him! saranghaeyo oppa! xD