08 June 2009

6 thing I might do in the upcoming holiday

1.watching dvds (as always)

2.hanging out with my friends (especially my nhebsoluza, I really really miss them)

3.plan to go to the cinema for these following movies (if they're on of course)

(uuuh,so many of them,i hope i have enough money to watch all of them,hehe.btw,have other must-watch movies?tell me please :))

4.gonna watch ALL complete S-2 EPISODES of gossip girl (as I wrote in my previous post, as I only watched the last few episodes and the teaser of some episodes)

5.wish to go out of town or maybe abroad :)

6.plan to take a driving lesson and get my driving license

Well,it is only six of them,whereas I have almost a month to spend my holiday.Any ideas how I could spend the rest of my holiday ?hehe


  1. star trek udah ada loh chi di blitz haha

  2. aaaaaaah iya nas?hadudu pengen cepet2 nntn ni haha

  3. terminator okeeee gilaaaa hueeehehehe

    eh chi jalan yuks gw bete nih

  4. hvnly blush enaaaaak chi hehe mirip bgt sama sour sally! gw beli yg di pim2. harganya yg S, 1 topping, 28 ribu. sori bls disini,interent gw error ga bisa buka chatbox lo

  5. hahaha iye mir,td gw akhirnya nntn gt sm nyokap hahaha..

    hmm,masih lebih murahan j co yee..haha