07 June 2009


today i...

1.woke up at around 10 o'clock,watched tv while at the same time was having my breakfast,checking facebook, my blog,my friends' blog.

2.Went to grand indo/plaza indo

3.took some photograph inside and outside the mall

4.went back home

5.online,checking facebook,my blog,my friends' blog (again,hehe)

6.made a new playlist on mixpod (check it out please :))

7.spent a lot of time searching for boris' song "why are people running" and eric hutchinsons' song "rock and roll" to download in dilandau and 4shared but found nothing..huhu,it is so bad i don't have the limewire..

8.smiled from ear to ear because i don't have go to school tomorrow..yipeeeeeeey :)


-red sweater (noir sur blanc)

-unbranded purple tights(bandung)

-unbranded jeans vest

-white leather shoes (levis)


  1. outfitnya lucu sekalii. :) mind commenting my blog? LOL. thanks dear

  2. heyyyyyyy chit gue suka outfitnya. oh ya yg boris why are people running gada di limewire juga. gue udah cari beberapa kali -_-

  3. @michellehendra: thanks :)
    @ nadya: haha iya nad thanks yap.huuhu..iya nih gw juga nyari udah dr kpn tau ga ada2,bs dpt dr mana ya??

  4. itu katanya ada di indoweb chit, gue belum cari sih hehehe