09 May 2009

experimenting with bow tie and scarf

i just realized it's been a long time since my last posting about my personal style/fashion right? what i wrote lately in this blog were mainly about my daily life or my idols and bla bla bla.
so,now i decide to write about my new experiment in fashion:)
well,i've been experimenting with some bow-tie and scarf lately.these are the photos
-turquoise oversized shirt-itc kuningan (i've been mentioning it before,click here)
-bow tie-naughty
-blue floral skirt-next (i've been wearing this skirt before,click here)
-navy blue converse shoes (it only cost Rp 70.000 xD)
-grey knitted wear-zara
-mercedes benz scarf
-tartan skirt(again,i've been wearing this too before,click here)

tell me what you think about my experiment hahaha :)


  1. tartan skirt & bow tie nya lucu banget chit :D