07 August 2009

wild wild leopard

Sorry for the qualities of the photo..Even i tried to fix it in photoshop,it didnt make any diference, did it? my mom brought the slr so i have to take the picts with my handphones's camera instead. I took these photos in the evening,so that makes it even worse :(

-my mom's zara knitted wear
-my mom's leopard scarf worn as headband
-my mom's brown shoes
-my mom's unbranded leopard bag
-unbranded pink jeans
-Luna tank top

Actually,luna is an (indonesian??err i'm not quite sure) brand for children,like 'cute' (you also wore it when you were kid, right?)..my mom bought it when i was still on the elementary school...i'm a little bit amazed that it still fits me.. :P


  1. chi itu nama gue hahaha ga penting ya haha

  2. iyaa lupiii namanya sama haha :P