05 July 2009

yes,it's been a busy week

sorry for lack of updates readers,it's been a busy week for me.A busy week?For ME?! well,maybe i'm just too hyperbole..let me just tell you what i did last week..
just like any other day i've spent in this holiday..went to ulisa and stayed at home watching tv,some dvds and online..

went to atrina's villa at ciawi with my ipa g..stupid me,i thought that we were going to bandung and i was dreaming about the shopping time in gede bage,but of course that didn't happen..our activities there were just playing cards (41,cepek,bokis,cangkul,tepok nyamuk,flash,speed, haha banyak yg ga tau kan? oia ada juga yang mempertaruhkan harga diri dan duit haha),watching tv (missing lyrics & happy song,ternyata acaranya seru yah?hahaha baru tau gt gw :P),swimming (main aer dan cebur2an lebih tepatnya,hp gw jadi korban hix :'o),eating and sleeping.Actually we also planned to go to night safari and played paintball,but that plan was just a plan..however i had a great time there..thanks for my beloved ipa g.I'm going to miss you,guys :)
my mom got the voucher to stay at hyatt plaza indonesia,so we did stay there.All i did was just like what i did if i stayed home-minus online..there is no disney channel in the hotel's tv,felt a little bit sad that i couldnt watch "wizards of waverly place"-HAHA).On the first night we stayed in the hotel, I happened to know that my favourite indonesia's band,SHEILA ON 7 was playing a gig in hardrock cafe plaza ex.HUHU,REALLY REALLY WANT TO WATCH THEM LIVE, but I couldn't. On Sunday we checked out from the hotel and went to a restaurant in ciputat.We met up with my grandma's extended family for 'arisan' activity.

unbranded head band,unbranded t shirt,short denim skirt,unbranded jelly shoes

forever21 necklace,thyo pernik bow

thyo pernik bow,thrifty blouse,unbranded red jelly shoes

ex ze top,unbranded pink jeans,unbranded black leather flat shoes,

mtv asia hoodie,thyo pernik bow headband

meet my nieces,half indonesia,half france..

my big big big family


  1. cantik dah keponakan luu chi haha

  2. haha emg cas..siapa dulu tantenya-loh loh ga ada hubungannya ya?hahaha

  3. O.O shocked! hahahaha kidding dehh