08 July 2009

don't have any idea for the title

YES!finally i participated in the president's election today! A couple months ago,i couldnt participate in the legislatif election just because my name wasnt in the DPT list,although i've already 17th years old and have got an identity card.So jealous w/ the people today who only have an identity card (just like i did) and can vote for the election ! (the system is changing) :P

Btw,tomorrow i'm going to have my first vacation abroad.YIPPEY!.So,no more post until monday i think,except,my mother insist to go to the "warnet" there,just to keep doing her primary activity,facebooking :)

unbranded shirt,thrifty denim dress,thyo pernik headband,my mom's rockport shoes

ps: actually my mother doesnt like the outfit i wear today,the 1st time she saw it this morning,she says: "pakaianmu ajaib sekali".hahaha,but i insisted to wear it though.Are there anybody else that agree with her?? i hope there aren't.. :)


  1. aaaaaa so you are going to singapore right! ahaaa chi lo ga masuk sehari dong?
    btw bando lucu amat,beli dimana? milih sby kan? menang tuh,seneng ga?

  2. noooooo chita, you're totally awesomeeee love your total look, it's like alice in the wonderland 'ya know :D

  3. wah ini ya chit yang bandonya sama hahaha, padahal gue pengennya yg warna pink tuh :)

  4. @amira: haha iyee mir,gw lgsg masuk,lo hari pertama ga masuk ye?dasar lo mir kebiasaan,kayak taun lalu juga haha.. :P
    bandonya beli di jak cloth,tp di tebet di thyo pernik juga ada kayaknya..

    @dwi: haha iya ya?thx wi :)
    @nadya: iya nad,tp bando nya baru aja patah ni kmaren huhu..
    @ringa dinga boing boing: iyaaa dong gw juga haha :)