15 June 2009

McFLY's update

1.first of all,before i started telling you the latest update from their myspace and twitter,i've gotta tell you about their song which is finally being played @ radio station in indonesia again.FALLING IN LOVE IS ON PRAMBORS !! PEOPLE!! So please grab your phone now and start to request 'falling in love' in prambors :) This song is on the 37th position of top 40 chart now,let's make them the winner of top 40 chart!

2.they just came back home from south america where they held numerous concerts in several countries (brazil,chili,argentina- this was the second time they were doing concert in brazil!aaarghh..when will they come to indonesia?),and from yesterday (13th june) they started their summer shows in uk.

3.there is a 'fake tom' in twitter.the real tom told us about this himself.

tommcfly:Followers, this is a fake me @tom_fletcher, please ignore this dumbass. 100% Fletcher right here!

haha.funny isn't it? I mean..the way he told us.He is the funniest member of mcfly in twitter ;p

4.Mcfly (the band,not per person) now has a twitter.follow them please!!

5.Tom now has a new kitty named Marvin.

6.Danny is on the 34th position of Britain's top 50 most eligible bachelors list.

like i told you right above,tom is the funniest member of mcfly in twitter,but the others are quite funny too,for example,like this

dannymcfly:Check this, I'm just at Disney Latin America and even the toilet freshener is colourful tweet tweet http://twitpic.com/6mbxx

and when i clicked the link,there is this picture,haha..

dannymcfly:Perfect band? Yeh right http://twitpic.com/6mbja

when i clicked the link,there is this picture,below,haha..looks like mcfly only consists of tom and dougie right?haha

dougiemcfly:I need a hair cut, I look like a Lego guy with thick side burns

dougiemcfly:I apologise for saying bad words tonight. And Percy the pink bass is being grounded for NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meet percy,

(pictures from here)

dougiemcfly:Don't feed the Disney animals http://twitpic.com/6mf2s

when i clicked the link,this picture shows up,haha,look at dougie's face

well,harry didn't update his twitter yet.the last time he wrote was on 14th may 2009.

while i was checking their myspace and youtube i found these videos.

danny is a super gorgeous,silly,funny guy.Also,he has such a beautiful voice.haha.who doesn't love him? :)

why are all the bikini girls still there?last year,the first time mcfly came to brazil,they also did some performance in Fausto,and the bikini girls were also there doing what they did like in the video above,dancing.I dont think the fans in brazil paid attention even just a little bit to the the bikini girls.Btw,i wonder when indonesia will have mcfly fans as many as the brazilian fans in that studio..hmm..


  1. thank you. hahaha iya di rawamangun :D
    nice to meet you and thanks for passing by :)

  2. kyakyaaa danny gue geli liat yang foto danny sama harry ditutupin dougie sama tom. chii aku juga punya twitter tapi belom suka bukanya hihi.

  3. @talita: iya,sama2 :)

    @erika: haha iya rik emg kocak banged..klo udah sering buka follow mereka rik!gw blom punya nih hehe

    @cas: haha tom punya banyak banged loh di rumahnya cas,haha..