13 October 2009

mid term test,ankle boots and the ugly truth

Sorry for lacking of updates readers! I've been busy studying for the mid term test,and today it's oficially over!! HIP HIP HOOORAAAAY!Hope the scores are good as i thought :)

Today,after the chemie test(which didn't go all that great),me,ancilla,risma,tika,and nelly went to metropole xxi to see a movie, the ugly truth..I've been waiting to see it for months,and today i finally got to see it :)

The ugly truth is GREAT! obviously it's not an ugly movie..hehe..Somehow,It's a little bit different than the other romantic comedy movies..It uses a lot of 'dirty' words and there are a little bit 'dirty' scenes..but hey,it is what the director wants..he made this romantic comedy movie not only for the girls,but also for the boys..

besides the dirty parts,of course there area lot of 'sweet' parts..for example,When mike went to abby's room and tell his feelings after the 'elevator scene'..and i just love the way mike told his feelings to abby at the end of movie..unusual yet SWEEEEEEEEEEEET xD

anyway,here some of outfit photos that suposed to be posted last week,but i couldn't..as you can see below i was wearing my very first ankle boots!and a super cool destroyed tights! yipey! got both of them in bandung on last lebaran holidays(realized that i actually didnt write any post about it)..okay,no more talk,enjoy the photos and leave a comment pleasee :)


  1. shredded tight beli dimannnnnnaaaaaaaaa chi? berapa? hihi lucu!!!!! ankle bootnya cool. headbandnya juga cool. cooooool yo!

  2. the tights are extremely cool... but i think i'll look a lot like a pile of ham if i wear it -__-

  3. the tights definetly so uber cool!
    bli dmn say? hihih

  4. all i can say is you're cool chit !!! kreatif deh huehehhehe

  5. I'm craving for your ankle boots ! Kewl :-)

  6. duhhhh jadi pengen jalan bareng kamu chiii heheh