19 September 2009

VMAs 2009 : YES! finally i watched it!

YUHUUUUUU..finally i watched the vma 2009..I know,on my previous post i said that mtv asia vma asia will be showing it on 27th september,but a couple days ago they changed the date to 19th september,which is today.. I'm so happy I don't have wait much longer to see it! :)

and how was the show? it was AWESOMEEEE! love it very very much..Actually there are some important (or un-important) details i want to talk about so here it is..

1.The MJ tribute

I LOOOOOOVE THE TRIBUTE SPEECH FROM MADONNA AND TRIBUTE PERFORMANCE FROM JANET TO MICHAEL JACKSON! I love how Madonna told us the story of her dinner with Michael (it was so touching)..no wonder,even Tom McFLY was crying when he watched the video from youtube..

2.Kanye West-Taylor Swift scene

It's obvious that everybody hates Kanye after that incident,but oddly i dont..In fact, i feel sorry for him..He is hated by everyone (eventho he has already apologized,everyone still hates him..It has been almost a week but his name is still in trending topics,come on people,just get over it!everyone made mistakes right?),everyone was boo-ing at him everytime the nominee video mentioned his name,he was being 'kicked out' from the building by mtv's comitee and HE DIDN'T WIN ANY AWARDS AT VMA THIS YEAR..poor Kanye.. :"(

3.Lady gaga's outfit
Did anyone realize that she was actually changing his outfit 4 times?haha i did realize..Her outfit was so..well,undescribable,but the most ridiculous outfit is her red dress,with a fabric mask covered her face...i can't imagine how she could breath in that outfit..And it was so funny when she finally seems uncomfortable and took her mask off when she was giving her speech..LOL :) Well,she is still a really good performer though,even her taste of fashion sometimes is kinda weird.. :P

4.Pink gymnastic outfit
First time i saw that oufit i thought that her left br**st cover with nothing..haha..the ♥ mark on her left bre**st is so funny :P

5.Jay-Z pants
Anyone realized that he actually pulled his pants up?His pair of pants was sooooo hipster :P
6.Lil mama appearance at Jay Z-Alicia Keys performance

When i first saw her, i was like,who the hell she is and what she is doing there..
another random thoughts of VMA:
*i lovee kristen stewart hair!Short black haiir suits her better than long black hair
*i'm shocked with AAR's performance..I didn't know they were going to play there..poor them only get the little tiny stage.
*the best part of vma 2009 was the tribute to michael jackson,green day & katy perry-joe perry performance :)
*I think Beyonce is the kindest person ever
*maybe i will add some random thoughts later.. :P

VMA 2009 winners:
-Video of the year: Beyonce - Single Ladies
-Best pop video: Britney Spears - Womanizer
-Best rock video: Green day - 21 Guns
-Best hip hop video: Eminem - We made you
-Best new artist: Lady Gaga - Poker Face
-Best male video: T.I feat Rihanna - Live your life
-Best female video: Taylor Swift - You belong with me
-Best video (that should have won a moonman): Beastie Boys-Sabotage

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  1. I love the tributes!!! sad tho, coz Kanye's action hijack all the headlines..lol. really thought that the tributes will be headlines and so.. lol :)

    anyway,thx for dropping by my blog