17 July 2009

Jim sturgess

It has been a while that want to write about jim.He is one of my favourite actors.Why?He has a gorgeous face-many people think he looks a like young mc cartney-,has such a beatiful voice,and has the british accent-yep,he is british-, and i LOOOOVE british accent :)

I first saw him on his movie across the universe. The movie is just like a musical movie but without all the dances.err,ok,there was some dance,but just a little.What make this movie really cool is the beatles's song (and jim of course :)).In this movie the casts sang some of the beatles' songs like across the universe,strawberry fields forever,girl,hey,jude,all you need is love,etc.I became a fan of the beatles because this movie.After i watched this movie i'm officially falling in love with jim,hehe.

When 21 came out on the theatres here in indonesia,i was very excited to watch it,but unfortunately, because jim is not so popular here,within only a couple of weeks,only few theatres showed it, and not for long it's totally gone. Fortunately, I watched just in time.Well,this movie is just superb, really really awesome,everyone who has not watched it,should definitely watch it.

besides,this 2 movies, i have watched the other boleyn girl and crossing over(I mentioned crossing over before).However i dont really like them because both of them have too much the 'not proper' scenes.you know what i mean?yaiiks.At the end of the other boleyn girl the character that jim played was dead :( eventhough i dislike crossing over,but i'm happy because i can hear jim's beautiful voice in this movie as he plays as a musician & singer :)

This year,another jim's movie heartless will come out.Hopefully it will release in indonesia.I'm definitely going to watch it.

photos from www.jimsturgess.org and google :)



  2. hahaha iya riiin..makanya kan gw kasih tau lo hehehe :)

  3. waaa,, gw tu pertama kali nntn 21 lsg fall in love ma dya chiii.. Jim tu OK bangedh dah! hehehe

  4. gw liat dia di 21. uhhhhh! cute banget chiii tampang anak baik banget.

  5. @ karina & erika: hahaha iya kan??emg dy lucuuuu banged hehhe XD

  6. Chiii aku juga jim wowowoooow ternyata chi jg suka