07 January 2011


happy new year everyone! i can't believe it's 2011 already...what were you guys doing on NYE? My family and i were doing the exact same things like we usually do every year..we were staying @ hotel,having dinner then going to bundaran hi,watching fireworks there..took lots of pics too ofc lol.. hope you had a great NYE and this year will be a good year for all of us :)

24 August 2010

HK trip

hello readers! how are u? long time no post hehe..sorry! just wanna upload some photos..these photos are from my hk trip on my last holidays..i know, it's kinda late to upload it now,but it's better late than never,rite ;) enjoy the photos~

see u on next post,readers :)

26 April 2010

my ♥

hello readers! how are you guys?? Feels like it has been a decade since my last writing hehe..sorry guys,i've been so busy doing lots of preparation for uan,simak,and smup..Now,all of those tests R finally over, I can get a little time to relax, ..the result of my uan is out today,and now I officially graduated from HS..thank God.. :)

Actually, i'm not supposed to be at my sis' room now--writing blog,uploading pic to fb,and tweeting-- ,i'm supposed to be at inten,doing some preparation for umb and snmptn (yeah,i'm still facing some test to get into college)..However i'm so not in the mood for studying now,so i decide to skip inten for today hehe :D

let's get to the most important part: i want to talk about 'my love' hihi..i've already told you guys at my previous post that i'm a fan of super junior..now,i'm A BIG FAN OF THEM..almost everyday i check on their newest news,listen to their songs (never get bored of it,even 'sorry2', though i have listened to it zillion times :p),watch their videos on youtube..almost every pic on my phone are pics of them..lol i'm such a k-freak,okay not k-freak just SJ-freak..

now,some of them have twitter accounts..here are their IDs @shinsfriends (shindong), @myblacksmile (sungmin), @henrylau89 (henry),@choi_sw (siwon) , @donghae861015 and my hubby @heedictator (heechul)..just seeing their tweets make me happy though i don't understand what they are saying..sometimes some of them are tweeting in english,just like hae,he tweeted this a couple days ago : 'My angel ELF sweet dream!! ^^ I'll go to sleep !!^^ see u tomorrow ELF I love ELF BYE BYE' ..hwaaaaa i went crazy when i saw this tweet.. my hubby has also tweeted in eng recently,he tweeted 'where are u from? undead or petal(-_-)' and 'My cat!! Name is BangShin~♡ ' aaah so cute :) ussualy after chul tweet something lots of his fans RT him and suddenly some parts of his tweet become trending topics,like 'bangshin' 'heebum' 'petals' ..lol,chul's power rocks twitter world xD their tweets just makes me love them more and more..

Maybe some of you are confused why i mention heechul as 'my hubby'..haha..some of my friends uta,depe, arin and I are playing this 'hubby'game..my hubby is heechul,utami's is junho (2pm),arin's was actually siwon but then they divorced and now arin's is eunhyuk,depe has a lot of hubbies..her asian hubby is nickhun (2pm) and her european hubby xabi alonso..LOL..We even have our 'selingkuhan' too..mine is jonghyun (cnblue),depe's is donghae,uta's is yonghwa(cnblue)..oh yeah,almost forget,uta also has a bf,siwon..LOL these things may sounds crazy but it's fun ;D

depe and her 'selingkuhan' haha

By the way,yesterday,uta,depe,arin and I went to lime lights..it's a place for karaoke..it really is so far far away,located somewhere in slipi (which is in west jakarta ,my house is in east jakarta),but the karaoke-ing was fun! can you believe we sang k-songs for 3 hours?LOL..after that,we had lunch then went home..yesterday was such a really tiring day but also fun!

whooh,such a long post right?hope you enjoy reading it.. :)

02 January 2010


(this post is posted on 31st January,but it has been the my draft since 2nd January)

sorry guys for not updating this blog for years! hehe.. My school and courses routinies has been keeping me busy, i even couldnt get time to write a post,or even if i had,i was too exhausted. I think i won't be able to write posts as often as i have been for few weeks ahead..for the upcoming march and april i'm going to have national examination and SIMAK UI,so i must study hard from now on! Wish me luck guys! :)

Anyway,i have a new obsession,they are SUPER JUNI-OR! lol..i spent almost everyday on youtube for my past holiday to watch their videos :)

My favourite member is Hee chul..Maybe some people would find it strange,because he really looks like a girl and he is kinda weird,but that's why i love him! His weird attitude is SOOOOO FUNNY! you should watch some videos of him and i bet you will love him as much as i do hehe :)

Recently he's starring a video music to TRAX'S song,Cold Hearted Man.The song as well as the mv is really heartbreaking but also addictive at the same time. I can't stop watching this video,because Hee chul is so damn gorgeous heree!! waaaaaa i love him! saranghaeyo oppa! xD